A month or two after we first opened Robson, who works on Saturdays, said we needed a visitors book. 
I was skeptical - I hardly ever write anything in a visitors' book because it makes me feel self conscious. 
But then Lizzie, who works on Thursdays, also told me we needed a visitors book, so I agreed to try it.

They were right. I've been amazed and delighted by the things people have written ever since. 
You can read the visitors book when you visit, but here's a small selection:

"Excellent fun and worth trekking across London for.  Really loved it."
"We had the best time ever - each different machine was so imaginative, surprising, thoughtful and most of all, hilarious!  Will definitely come back and tell all my friends & relatives (only the ones I like!) - Thank you!"

"An absolutely stupendously fun hour."

"What's not to love?! (Apart from dog drool of course...) - AWESOME!!!"

"This lovely place made my day. I'll be bringing many friends, many times."

"What a fantastic place! So glad we found it.  Away from the crowds to see some AMAZING machines."

"A fab day out! Great when we are not at school.  Love it all."

"Witty, clever, and so well executed - loved it!"

"Best office night out ever."

Hereare  a few of the latest pages: